A design of what I think Anna might wear at her wedding! :)


A design of what I think Anna might wear at her wedding! :)

Do you want to build a snowman?
Do you want to build a snowman?

I am a princess

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Frozen credits + Anna and Elsa by Brittney Lee (part 1). 
Third gif inspired by this.

Get the look!


Get the look!

I really liked your description of Elsa's personality! Now do Anna :)



Anna’s a little easier! We see a lot more of her.

And Anna is very straightforward - she presents herself exactly as she is, and that is wonderful. She doesn’t have hidden depth, she just has depth. She tells it like it is. What you get - is Anna.

Nothing hidden. Nothing kept safely away. Nothing under wraps - or under gloves. If she’s happy, you’ll know it. If she’s mad, you’ll definitely know it.

So her personality is, basically, personification of hope. Endless, loyal, irrepressible hope. 

She is the antithesis of Elsa, in that sense. Elsa will not allow herself to have hope. Anna has hopes enough for both of them.

Of course, in many ways, she and Elsa are very alike - same inclination to mischief, to excitement. Even when Elsa won’t allow herself quite as much exuberance as Anna (she is the elder, after all), she’s clearly happy when Anna is. Anna clearly revels in that, too - that glare when dancing is very calculated. She wants to make Elsa laugh. She wants to make her sister happy.

She wants to make everyone happy.

She wants people to like her.

She isn’t always sure how to get them to - witness her initial behavior with Kristoff - but she’s going to keep at it until she figures it out.

So - she’s stubborn.

(Again, very Elsa like, it just manifests differently.)

Anna is a product of her environment just as much as Elsa is; as with Elsa, her qualities are exaggerated as a result of those thirteen years spent in a closed-up castle. She’s over-the-top in her attempts to get attention. She’s awkward. She’s a little weird, a little too physical or emotional. Everything is hyper, exaggerated - everything from a whirlwind romance (certainly, Hans manipulates her emotionality), to her anger at Elsa, to her behavior with Kristoff, to her refusal to leave when Elsa tells her to, is evidence that she is not quite sure how to handle herself when presented, suddenly, with the outside world. She overdoes things.

But nonetheless, we’re seeing what appears to be her real personality - this is the girl who continued knocking on the door. For years. Not just because she’s stubborn, but because she’s a good person. That loyalty, that optimism, infuse her.

I’ve heard people say it’s too much, that she’s not quite believable. But give her some credit - she does get angry. She does screw up. Quite often, in fact. She also manages to keep herself - and everybody else - alive. Was she partially at fault for the sled going over the cliff? She was - she insisted they leave at night. But did she then save his life? She did.

And she did it the way Anna works best - impetuously, taking a situation and running with it. Her exaggerated emotions work well for her when a decision needs to be made in an instant. She’s a quick thinker, quick to action. Quick to temper, too. Quick to joy. Just… quick.

And she is believable. I know people just like her.

They’re rare, but they’re wonderful.

Anna and Elsa, to a certain extent, are reflections of one another.They are mirror images. The similarities are not immediately obvious, but if you look hard enough, you begin to see how one is mirrored in the other - manifesting, perhaps, a bit differently, but there nonetheless. Anna desperately searches for joy, jumps at the first chance to be happy? Elsa is searching for safety, running away at the first sign of danger. Elsa lashes out with her powers? Anna lashes out with her temper. And they both, perpetually, live in hopes of finding out what one can be to the other - mirror images of love.

Anna, like Elsa, is love personified. A louder, more open, more joyful kind of love, but still love. Anna is the love that throws herself into someone’s arms, unable to resist a hug; the love that sings at the top of her lungs as she slides down a banister, eager to find out what adventures a new day will bring.

Her personality is open and bright and forever seeking happiness. It is opinionated and impetuous and leaps long before it looks. It is loving and good and optimistic.

Mirror images.

This is a really well-done, interesting look into Princess Anna’s personality.


 Princess  Anna  of  Arendelle 


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Baby’s First Smoulder.

Baby’s First Smoulder.